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Celebrate 100 Years!

Come celebrate 100 years at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for free. The Garden's founders transformed the city's heap of dirt into a world class botanical garden. Making the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a wonderful place for a vibrant place for education, research, world-class horticulture, and sanctuary. This summer celebrate 100 years and their exciting plans for the future! 


Visitor Price*
Adults $8
Seniors (65 and over) $4
Students 12+ with valid IDs $4
Children under 12 Free
School groups Free
Seniors, Fridays year-round Free
Members Free
Tuesdays Free
Saturdays 10–12 noon** Free
Weekdays (November 17 – March 2) Free
Fast Cash


Earn  $12 per hour  (increases to $18 per hour after completing the first 40 hours), shoveling snow in NYC. New York City needs all the help it can get with well over 12" of snow fall today.  


For more info go to the link below:


Out of Work?!
Free Hair Product

Free Aveda Three-Piece Color Conserve Sample Pack

They are offering a free three-piece sample pack of their Color Conserve shampoo, conditioner, and strengthening treatment. Just click the link below for your printable coupon. (Bonus: there's no rush to redeem - the coupon expires June 30, 2010.)

Click here for your Free Aveda Three-Piece Coupon

Note: only redeemable in an Aveda store.
Heap on some heat! federally funded program that issues heating benefits

HEAP may help you pay for Electricity, Propane, Natural Gas, Wood, Oil, Kerosene, Coal, or any other heating fuel.


I just learned about this program that is federally funded, the program that issues heating benefits to supplement a household’s annual energy cost. It's just the beginning of winter and already deaths have occurred nation wide. So in these hard times HEAP offers an emergency benefit for households in a heat or heat related energy emergency.


More info on their site, please check it out or pass the word if you know someone who needs it.



Free Food and Assistance in New York City

Tough times call for tough measures, if you are like thousands of people in New York City who need a little help to put food on the table check out

But if you're one of the luckier New Yorkers with a good stable job, New York City Coalition Against Hunger is a great place to donate time or money. Whatever your deal check it out they do great work!


“Free food and assistance is available in New York City, no matter what your situation - you can get nutritious food!

The Coalition Against Hunger has compiled comprehensive guides - referred to as "street sheets" - to free food access in ten different areas within the five boroughs. Thanks to a generous City Council grant, the Coalition was able to professionally design and print up over 170,000 copies of the sheets - 17,000 for each of the ten areas. Information on how and where to access the federal Food Stamp Program, WIC, school and summer meals, senior meals, and various other free assistance resources is provided in each sheet for the area covered. Each sheet contains a map showing the locations of an area Food Stamp Office, WIC Site, and POS site - a place where eligible people can apply for food stamps online, as well as area soup kitchens and food pantries.

Though you may have access to the printed sheets in your area, the Coalition is pleased to provide copies of the guides for you to download and print out. These are the areas covered by street sheets:” http://www.nyccah.org/

10 Cheap Parties to Host this Winter
VIA apartmenttherapy.com
  • Host a small dinner party and use these ideas for setting the table on a budget.
  • Throw a cocktail party stocked with inexpensive supplies. Choose one or two signature drinks and hors d'oeudvres to keep the cost of food and liquor low.
  • Have a buffet-style potluck and invite your friends to bring their favorite recipes.
  • Have some friends over for movie night, and choose the drinks accordingly. Serve martinis (shaken not stirred) and olives at a James Bond party; for a Godfather party, give your guests cannolis and godfather cocktails.
  • Throw an all-white party and keep your decorations inexpensive: paper snowflakes, basic white china, white carnations.
  • Host a holiday brunch rather than a dinner party. Brunch fare is generally less expensive than a dinner menu, you won't have to spend as much on drinks, and the casual mid-day vibe keeps things low-key.
  • We love those old photos of our grandparents decked out in suits and cocktail dresses for their regular card parties. Why not revive an old tradition and have friends over for game night? If you're not a Bridge fan, try Scrabble (you can pair off in teams to accommodate more people), Monopoly, or Trivial Pursuit.
  • Host a craft party where everyone makes something together, whether it's cookies, ornaments, or knitted scarves.
  • Throw a wine and cheese party. Each guest brings a bottle of wine, you supply a selection of artisanal cheeses, and guests can try pairing them together.
  • Swap Parties are a great way to declutter your home, find new things for free, and hang out with friends.
Recession Red – say what?!

Ok so most of you have heard of “2 buck chuck” other wise know as Charles Shaw, but here comes a new cheap-O wine making its way to NYC. “A California company called The Wine Group is selling a merlot, a cabernet sauvignon and a chardonnay - for just $3.99 a bottle. And New Yorkers love it.” New York Post

At Gotham Wines located on 94th St. it’s the best seller, as people look for more and more deals, $3.99 is unbeatable. With all the varied wines, makes great gifts for the holidays, especially since Wine Group is not a household name (as of yet); you’ll come out looking like a hero with 3 bottles of wine in your hand.
How to find cheap ass plane tickets

Due to the super high oil prices the plane tickets prices are skyrocketing. Here are some resources for scoring the cheapest tickets out there.

The best method is to use websites call “Travel Aggregators”. These sites search hundreds of other sites and find you the cheapest flight out there. These sites do not sell tickets or travel packages on their own. Instead, their engines scan the internet for bargains on airfares, hotels, car rentals and other travel services and you buy directly from the chosen airline.

If you have a Fixed Schedule and Fixed Destination:






For international flights:

DoHop (based in Europe)


If you have Flexible Schedule and Fixed Destination:

Fare Compare


Farecast Fareguard

If you have Flexible Schedule and Flexible Destination:

Kayak Buzz

Airfare Watchdog


Mobissimo Activity Search

Check Consolidator Fares
Airline consolidators are brokers who buy seats in bulk from the airline, then resell them to travel agents (often those whose specialize in discount international travel) or sometimes directly to the public. Often, but not always, this results in a lower fare than offered by the airline.

Travel Hub

Airline Consolidator

One Travel

If you are comfortable downloading a software on your PC to search continously for the price criteria you set (while you are sleeping):

Trip Stalker

Buy Direct From Airlines
If you insists on using traditional booking sites like Travelocity or Orbitz, be sure to check the airline’s website first. Lots of airlines now have lowest price guarantee so  it makes more sense to buy directly from the airline, plus you save coins by skipping the booking fee.

Try ITA Software Trip Planner, they scour the net for worldwide deals and put you directly with the airlines:

Southwest airline for some reason is not search by aggregators site, so also check their price too.

And here’s my personal favorite:

Get your money back if your airfare drops prices after you purchased it:




How to Reduce Your Food Costs
Most of you readers come to CheapAssFood.com to:

A. To find cheap eats
B. To find cheap recipes
C. To find free shit

and that is why we love you all. Recently I was surfing the net for more ideas on how to find ways to cut cost and came across this article, “How to Reduce Your Food Costs in 60 Minutes a Week” from www.seriouseats.com. I love this site and love all the writers just as much, but after reading this short blurb, I thought to my self then what? The four suggestions that the writer recommends is something we all do, especially in these hard economic times.

Yes we all, scanning online circulars, clip coupons and try to create a grocery list. This is more or less common sense particularly if you’re a cheapass, so I thought of my own top 10 ways to Reduce Your Food Costs.

1. Pack a lunch to work
2. Stop the midday caffeine habit (something I MUST do, at times I spend over $5 a cup)
3. Stock up on mac and cheese
4. Clip coupons
5. Buy in bulk
6. BUY a reusable water bottle
7. Stop buying bottle water
8. Use leftovers to recreate meals
9. Limit your eating (out) to once a week
10. Check out CheapAssFood.com more cheap eat and ideas

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